Saturday, January 26, 2008

Virginia Coalition performs on CBS 6 - Virginia This Morning

It is both exciting and nerve racking to have a band you work with or even a band you just like, play on live on television. Often times for me, something gets lost in the translation of studio stage to my television set. The exceptions however can be somewhat life changing: Nirvana on MTV, James on SNL, Spoon on Letterman, Cary Brothers on Ferguson (Craig if you are out there, you crack me the #$%& up). I don't watch a huge amount of TV so please people let me know if I missed any...

Soo back to the point, Virginia Coalition presented the world with a great performance on a CBS local morning show yesterday in Richmond VA. Not having the gloss of national broadcast behind them I think they pulled off a beautiful and earnest performance. It is like the boys could be in your living room.

Please enjoy this most excellent acoustic version of the new single "Sing Along" from their upcoming record Home This Year and look out late night TV!