Thursday, June 21, 2007

Support Indie Record Stores

In case you were wondering, there are still record stores that aren't owned by FYE or Best Buy. A good friend of mine recommended I check out Uncle Sam's while I was visiting Miami, FL this past weekend, one of these indie stores still surviving and thriving. And as down as I am with the digital revolution, I would hate to see places like this loose the ability to stay in business. I was like a time warp back to 1993 but in a cool way. Sam's sells CDs, vinyl, posters, spiked rocker like belts, fairy porcelain statues, army surplus hats, and projected video on their black and blue painted walls. Every nook and cranny was covered with some funky memorabilia or product. It had something called charm and character, traits slowly dying in our world of mass corporate consumption.

The other cool part about Uncle Sam's was that i got to see our work here at bluhammock (and those that help us) in action, on the ground, so to speak.

Disc 8....That looks really familiar...

Cary Brothers?...Hmmm, I swear I have heard this before?
It kind of sounds like, the new soundtrack to my life!

Good Luck Uncle Sam and thanks Gordon for general awesomeness and helping me with my lost credit card (it's all good now) !

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Cary Brothers Charts, Breakout the Bottle!

Jaylaan, John, Rachel and Nichelle partaking in
some bubblely. Happy Day! Heres why:

Cary Brothers Charting this week

#22 Heatseekers Chart
#51 Independent Albums Chart

#31 Coalition Chart

#46 Top 50 AAA Albums

#36 200

i Tunes
Hit #15 on the rock chart
Hit #62 on the overall album chart
EP re-entered the itunes folk chart at #57

#1 the day of release

Don't Mind if I do!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Cary Brothers Record Release (NYC)

the Box the Box the Box. "This is my second time", "My First time I was..." People talk of this Box the same way they reminisce about loosing their virginity. At the current time it seems to be the darling of Downtown, maybe even all town NYC's night life. But hype aside this little vaudeville charmed dining and theater venue was the perfect setting to host what we wanted to be an intimate and classy (minus snobery) celebration of our latest release last Monday night. Of course with any big blow party comes big amounts of stress. Although I wasn't in the office on Sunday, I was at coffee shop in Brooklyn trying to tie together the last minute loose ends for all the artwork being created for the party. For some reason no matter how well you plan for big events, you are always working up to the last minute to make things right. As I sent my artwork proofs out into the dark stormy night (it really was stormy Sunday, really) for approval my mind was unexpectedly eased by this quick response from Jaylaan:

"What are you doing working on a Sunday? I thought I was the only nut here." :)
...and something about making the blue more blue and we are good to go

Newly energized with blu camaraderie I felt I could almost see the light, but that light was the sunrising and me really needing to be up as soon as the day started to ensure I get all the files to the printer in time to be ready for the party. Here is where I give a shout out to village copier. Those kats are pros and turn things around fast without the "half our printers are being serviced and I don't give a f@*! cause I am off the clock in 10 minutes" at kinkos. It all went pretty smooth except for when the cab to the print shop let me off mid block on 14th St instead of 13th in a down pour. My mind was too busy thinking whether my step and repeat banners would be effective to notice. Nothing like carrying precious paper products and a laptop in the pouring rain though the streets of New York. Picking up the final products was perhaps even more interesting. The rain was once again threatening now just 3 hours before doors open for the party. Jaylaan and I drove down in her tiny tiny car to pick up the massive massive posters. Not to mention the car was already filled with boxes of candles, candle holders, stickers, easels, chocolate, clothes, kitchen sinks. How did we fit you ask? Put the top down, ah yeah, stand those giant poster boards straight up in the back seat and away we..ah wait, it looks like it could pour at any minute, this is going to be one 20 twenty block ride. I think Jaylaan and I felt like the more we talked about how funny it would be to have hundreds of dollars in party supplies destroyed by water damage the better chance we had of making it, as it began to mist and sprinkle. Every light at every block, an ominous red, but some how we made and moments after arriving at the venue the sun came out. From then on the night slowly turned beautiful. People started to filter in and before you know it the box was packed.

Jaylaan kicked off things with a sparkling introduction.

Cary Brothers played a very sweet set. Long enough to fully immerse in the Cary experience but short enough to leave you wanting maybe even enough to go buy the record (wink). One of my highlights was slow dancing with my friend Maya Contreras to "Honestly". Sadly there is no photo to impress upon you but just know it was a moment. The whole vibe so intimate and classy but laid back. I felt like I was a part of something amazing. I dig this photo below because it captures a Filmore 1970 feel, a sense of timelessness that resonated with me that night.

Here is me with the lovely Mara, Heather and just squeezing in there the darling Angela. Love those ladies. I was upset that they never made it back to the after party after jumping over to
P Diddy's party at Marquee.

Here is Cary with Zach Braff..but you prolly knew that already.

There is so much going on lately at bluhammock (this post is so behind) that I need to end and move on to the next tale. I would love to dive into the after party at the Johnson's bar but it was a bit like a beautiful dream and perhaps better left that way...