Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Nantucket Wine Festival

Nichelle spent some time in Nantucket this past weekend as bluhammock set up camp at the Annual Nantucket Wine Fest.

Ming Tsai taking kitchen pointers (wink wink) from Nichelle.

Our traveling hammock lounge pairs nicely with all kinds of people.

Friday, May 18, 2007

High Line Festival - Irving Plaza

All I can say about last night at the High Line Festival is: Deerhoof, David Bowie and a spinning LED propeller being played to the drum beat. No Bowie didn't perform... but he did sit at the table I sat at for the last NYC VACO show. And Deerhoof rocked hard with a mysterious fourth member on the side of the stage manipulating this giant LED filled propeller (kinda like and old mini version of the kind you would use for solar power). If I could find a picture I would link it, but alas just know it was amazing... Dirty Projectors rocked too...as does Angela at Stereogum for passing along tickets (thankyou)! Okay that's it for now, not quite directly related to bluhammock but a note worthy music experience all the same. But, as I was tripping out to Deerhoof and this propeller thing, my cohorts at bluhammock were tearing down the Brown Hotel for the Non-Comm..vention in Louisville, KY. Stay tuned for stories.