Monday, November 26, 2007

Hey All,
Here are some great pictures from the Cary Brothers & Ben Lee show. Unfortunately we happened to forget to snap some of Cary :( . Uggh...we promise to bring our own camera next time! :) Thank you to Suzanne for sending these pictures along to us.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Blogtown #3


KRISTOFFER RAGNSTAM's tour with Deborah Harry kicks off tonight at Irving Plaza (Fillmore) in NYC! We are soooooo excited! If you haven't had the chance to check out Kristoffer's kick-ass live show then now is the time! He's playing all over the country in some amazing rooms. Can't thank Deborah Harry and her team enough for the opportunity. Check out the bluhammock website for tour dates and details!

Kristoffer came in to the office today to play some new music for us. Can not wait for everyone to hear what new tracks he has up his sleeve. Stay tuned for new music ,videos, treats and updates!

JIM BOGGIA started his residency at the Living Room in NYC Nov. 5th. He's playing every Monday this month! Seeing Jim in such an intimate setting is always an honor. He's gold. Check out dates and details at the bluhammock site!

We also want to thank Myspace, Imeem and Snocap for all of the CARY BROTHERS features and extra love lately. We feel very lucky to have support from such vital communities! Thanks a million!

Cary is on tour withBen Leearound the US now. Thanks to Ben Lee again for putting together such a great tour to be a part of! Definitely check out tour dates and details on our site and come out to play!

Our SOUTH boys are doing a photo shoot today to promote their new upcoming US release in April. If you see the handsome lads in the streets of London say hello!! More details about the release coming soon!

Beautiful SWATI is heading in to SIRIUS Satellite Radio this month to sit and chat on The Diana Cage show - OutQ Channel 109. Stay tuned for airtimes to tune in!

Have we mentioned how proud we are of the upcoming VIRGINIA COALITION -"Home This Year" release on March 18th??!?!?!?!! Above and beyond EXCITED for you to hear it!!!!

We'll chime in again soon with new info but always check out for more news, tour dates and updates.

Thank you :-)



Monday, November 5, 2007

Blogtown #2

Blogtown #2: Likes of late...

**Sensory overload in the best of ways...
During late night, last minute runarounds the night before the blu party in the Hamptons a few months ago, Justin (of Learned Evolution/Universal Buzz fame...we adore you) asked us if we had heard of Eclectic Method. He popped in a DVD and just like that...hooked! I can't get enough and I'm waiting patiently (tonight would be nice) for the next live throw down...

**Ween. Sweet, sweet Ween. New album out. You either get it or you don't.
They get me ;-)

Your Party

More soon...



Thursday, November 1, 2007

Is real, ernest thoughtful dare i say conscience ( although I think everbody is at this point should be conscieous about why they are in hip hop) coming back finally. Granted it has always existed in places like stones throw and okay player and yes Common has maintained as #1 Soul Brother (Congrats on you Black Girls Rocks Award BTW) in the mainstream for a good minute now, But i think to really impact and shift the priorities of an entire industry, you need help from generations of forfathers and formommas down the line. I know that myself as a kid first being introduced to the many flavors of hip hop, a favorite of the time was Arrested Developement. And not just me but it seemed universal. White people, brown people, something in between people all felt the love that they were spreading. They have definately been active and making music since then but I know me personally and others i know some how lost track. Maybe I was just blinded by the bling, but I am happy to say they are back.... the new Arrested Development "Since The Last Time" is out in full force. A lyrical highlight in my listen thus far

We’re made of more than this, don’t let em define us, don’t let em confine us we’re warriors
From the underground railroads we sneaked through swamps to sit VIP in a restaurant
Hill Side projects get down
North Shore projects get down
They give us platinum medallions to cover our hearts
Keep us far away from the most powerful parts of us
Cuz if they keep us looking outside then we won’t bother looking inside
I’m too old a dude to be scared of flopping we’re from the old school this is real hip hopping
And we talk about what we see, won’t dumb it down
Cuz I ain’t around dumb company
We smarter than this
And we can come harder than this and do a brag rap on the next song on the disc
Cuz right now you know you’re all in the midst of miracles!

I believe in Miracles yeah yeah
I believe in you

Although it was a bit before my time hear at bluhammock, we put out a Speech solo record called the Vagabond. It was an indicator for me that I was going into the right place as Speech and Arrested Developement only bring inspiring, positive thoughtful, soulful, fun, honest offerings to the world that often sells it self a little short....

Check out the music

Peace and Strength